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Southern Response Compensation

How to save $800 on settlement legal services!



Mr and Mrs Ross’ persistence and that of their legal and funding team has led to a settlement of the Ross v Southern Response class action. Subject to approval of the settlement by the Court GCA Lawyers are now able to act for you to settle qualifying claims. See below for further information or to register now.

Agreement Reached


Following nearly four years of intense work, GCA Lawyers are extremely pleased to report that Mr and Mrs Ross have now reached an agreement with Southern Response to resolve the class action proceeding.  

Under the agreement, class members will be able to access compensation from Southern Response.  The legal team and Claims Funding Australia have agreed to significantly compromise their contractual entitlements to ensure that class members who are GCA Lawyers’ clients and have signed a funding agreement will have their legal fees and funding commission paid by Southern Response.  That means all class members (whether GCA clients or not) will keep 100% of any compensation they receive.

Key Features of the resolution:

The key features of the settlement are in class member’s best interests;


a) Southern Response to pay compensation


The agreement provides for all class members wishing to settle their claims against Southern Response to apply for and receive compensation from Southern Response based on the principles decided by the court in the Dodds litigation.

b) Payment of interest

Southern Response will also pay interest on each class member’s claim, calculated in accord with the Interest on Money Claims Act 2016.

c) No legal costs or funding commission

Every class member will receive 100% of their compensation sum without any deductions for legal costs or funding commission.

Court Approval Required


The agreement remains subject to the High Court approving the discontinuance of the proceedings on the agreed terms.


GCA has asked Southern Response to provide their Settlement Package offers for each GCA client.  Once received, that information will be checked to verify that clients are being offered the correct amount based on the Dodds principles.  

Policyholders who are not currently GCA clients can instruct GCA to advise on their entitlements by registering here.

Once registered, you will be sent our terms of engagement and will be provided with the details that you will need to complete for us to undertake the process of enquiring about your entitlement and advising you accordingly. 

If settlement of the class action is approved by the Court, GCA Lawyers will carry out that work for a fixed fee which we expect to be covered by Southern Response so that in most cases you will not be required to contribute anything for this work.*

 *NB   -  There may be some situations where additional work is necessary to settle your claim which will not be covered by Southern Response. If this arises, we will let you know so that you can make an informed choice about whether to proceed or not.

Payment of the settlement sum

Southern Response have given assurances that it will process claims promptly and in good faith, so payments can be made to those accepting its offer, as soon as is reasonably possible. 

How to save at least $800 on settlement legal services


If you are a class member who wants to obtain compensation from Southern Response, you should be engaging lawyers to assist you. GCA maintains that it is uniquely placed to assist you because it developed and maintained the class action that has brought about final resolutions and therefore, it best understands the issues and problems to be faced by policyholders in now getting fair settlements. Some law firms have been promoting their services and propose charging class members $2,875 inclusive of GST for advising on settlements.

GCA Lawyers is providing settlement services for $2,000 inclusive of GST.  For more information, contact us on or phone 03 365 1347, and save at least $800.

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