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Media Statement: Southern Response Concealment Class Action $300M action is now fully funded

6 May 2019

Brendan and Colleen Ross, said this morning that “We are very pleased to confirm that we have now signed a litigation funding contract with Claims Funding Australia. After months of effort Grant Cameron has secured a fantastic company for us to work with and we are now totally confident that the Southern Response will now have to answer for its conduct”.

‘We think that the many hundreds of policyholders who didn’t receive the settlements that they were entitled to, can now get access to justice, something they would never have obtained on their own. We are thrilled with this development”.

Grant Cameron, lawyer for the class confirmed that a contract had been signed and said that “Claims Funding Australia is a major litigation funder and so we can now see this through to completion, no matter how long it might take”.

“We are particularly thrilled about this relationship because Claims Funding Australia was created by Maurice Blackburn, Australia’s leading class action law firm. Consequently, the best class action minds in the Southern Hemisphere have looked closely at this matter and they’ve decided to support it”.

“This means that all those Southern Response policyholders who settled before 1 October 2014 can now seek proper redress if they now come forward.”

“On the information to hand it seems there may be about 3000 affected policyholders and there could be about $300M in issue”.

Media inquiries to: Grant Cameron (03 365 1347)

Further information can be obtained about:

-  GCA Lawyers at

-  Claims Funding Australia at

-  Maurice Blackburn at

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